Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Satyam Computers : will remove from sensex ?

satyam logo | satyam computersMUMBAI: Satyam Computers may be removed from the nifty SENSEX and the following revelation of Manipulation in the company's accounts, analysts said. 

Rajiv Mehta, senior analyst with India Infoline, a big brokerage house said his firm has stopped immediately covering Satyam and many other brokerage houses are also expected to do the same. There will not be any investor interest in the company anyway. The company may be removed from SENSEX and nifty, he said. 

With the fall in its stock prices, Satyam has lost its weightage in SENSEX considerably over the past and currently has only weightage of 1.56 as of yesterday (Tuesday). While in nifty, weightage is the only 0.63 per cent.

Fall of Satyam Stocks (07/01/2009)

satyam stocks | satyam computer stocks

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